Smashin Crab acknowledges the patronage our neighbors and community have given us each day since April of 2017!

Each year, we try to support as many local, non-profit organizations (Churches, Schools, Charitable Organizations, etc.) as we can. However, we are continuously inundated with requests for donations/sponsorships and cannot possibly honor all requests.

Since our donations budget can only stretch so far, we can only consider donating to those who meet the following criteria:

  • All donation requests must be from non-profits or schools in cities where we have a location
  • We will ONLY be able to consider donation requests that use our online form
  • A 30 day advance notice is needed to process any request

Please note that if a request form is filled out and submitted, it does not mean that it will be fulfilled. We will notify the recipients of any request that we can fulfill. Please accept our apologies if we don’t write back.


Smashin Crab loves and appreciates our communities and our neighbors!

Fill out the donation request.